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I build one take-down model offered in 58"-64" lengths. Each Silvertip is unique in design by allowing the customer to specify the combination of woods/materials to be used. Having this option creates a truly "custom" product from tip to tip and gives you the opportunity to create the bow of your dreams. The bows can be as basic or as elaborate as you wish. There are so many beautiful woods to work with, unfortunately I can't show them all. I have pictured several of the most common exotic woods used, however you are not limited only to those pictured on this site. I am willing to use any wood providing it is a suitable material to work with.

All Silvertip limbs, regardless of the options you choose are built with an Actionwood core. Actionwood is a laminated maple that has the ability to recover with great efficiency. This laminating process ensures great stability, smoothness and consistency in a limb. Though Actionwood is the preferred core material, other core woods can be used upon request. The standard limb (no additional charge) is either clear glass with Actionwood showing beneath or black glass. Should you choose the standard limbs with clear glass the Actionwood will be stained to match whatever riser wood chosen. In addition to the glass option, you can see in the photos that there are many limb veneer options to choose from, all of which offer the same superior performance. Exotic wood limbs consist of the standard Actionwood core along with a very thin veneer of exotic wood under clear glass. The exotic veneer is strictly for aesthetics and does not affect the performance of the limb design. Some common exotic wood veneers are Zebrawood, Shedua, Yew, Juniper, Russian Olive, Red Elm and Curly Maple. All exotic wood limbs are left natural but can be stained to match whatever riser wood chosen.. The standard limb attachment (no additional charge) is the black knurled knob style. An Allen bolt attachment (no additional charge) is also available upon request. Antler knobs, cast resin antler knobs and bronzed antler knobs are also available in both the knurled knob and allen bolt attachments. Limb overlay options include the standard wood tips, antler and various horns. Schafer Silvertip bows is now offering bows built for Fast Flight upon request. This is an additional option and is only available with our standard Dymondwood risers (walnut, rosewood, or charcoal). These bows will include reinforced tips as well as a reinforced riser section. Testing has found about an 8fps gain compared to the standard bows built for dacron. The same limb and limb tip options mentioned above still apply to the Fast Flight models.

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The Silvertip riser is hand-crafted making each one slightly unique. The standard riser wood (no additional charge) is Dymondwood which is offered in a walnut, rosewood or charcoal stain. Dymondwood is a laminated birch that is densely impregnated with resins and dyes. This riser material provides tremendous durability and a slightly heavier-weight bow, adding stability. Other riser options for an additional price would include various exotic hardwoods. Some common exotic woods for the riser are Bocote, Cocobolo, Zebrawood, Shedua, Ebony and Santos Rosewood to name a few. Exotic woods have proven to be very durable under all conditions and add a great deal of character to a bow. Each Silvertip regardless of the riser wood chosen has a laminated accent stripe running through the center of the riser. This provides the riser with additional strength and beauty. All Silvertips come with a matte finish, unless requested otherwise. There are three grip options for your comfort. A high grip lifts the heel of your hand, straightening your wrist; a low grip drops the heel of your hand; the medium grip is right in between and is, by far, the most popular grip height. Including a trace of your hand with your order can aid in determining the proper fit for you. The site window and the shelf are both radiused front to back favorable for shooting feathers off the shelf and veins or feathers off the rest. All Silvertips come with a string, selway bow stringer, shelf or rest material and can be tapped for a bow quiver if desired.

I have a + or - 2# policy which I stand by and guarantee! For example, a bow ordered at 50# could come in anywhere from 48# - 52#. Consider this policy carefully when ordering two sets of limbs at different weights.

The checkered grip is a nice option for all hunting conditions. If you are hunting in wet weather or with a glove, this option, while adding beauty, will definitely give you a better grip. This is also an option which seems to help with consistent hand placement.

Recommended Length Bow For Your Draw
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25-27.5" 27-29" 28-30.5" 30-32"
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It has been our experience when dealing with customers that you should figure you will drop anywhere from 10-15 pounds in bow weight and around 2 inches of draw length. The weight will vary depending on how comfortable you are with the current weight of your compound. It is highly recommended that you get your hands on recurve of some sort and have someone measure your draw length to get a rough idea. Your draw length is measured from the string to the target side of the shelf. Keep in mind you will probably settle in to a slightly shorter draw after shooting for awhile. It is also not a bad idea to get to an archery shop and try out various weights just to see what might be comfortable for you. If there is any other way we can assist you or make the process easier for you just let us know!

Paul designed the 60" one-piece back in the early 70's when he first began building bows. Though the one-piece interest had died some in the late 80's he still continued to build them on occasion up until his death in 1993. I have continued to build this 60" model as well with very little interest until recent years. With this increased interest again in one-piece designs I decided to add a 58" one-piece to the Schafer line. All the same take-down materials and options apply to the one-piece models, including the Fast Flight option. Please refer to the take-down literature above regarding these various options.

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