"I didn't ever think it would happen but it did as we spent night after night in swamps infested with bugs, snakes, piranhas etc. Sitting in the pitch black, after midnight, blowing into a gourd to imitate the growl of the Jaguar. One of the only three cats that roars and has the biggest canines of any Feline, as it crushes the skull of it's prey.

I was on a muddy bar completely exposed listening to the night sounds. Then I heard it, the heavy breathing, the the padded footsteps as it neared. How far I didn't know but it was very close. My native guide switched on the flashlight and there he was in the regal rosettes, less than four yards and looking right at me!

No time to think as the Schafer bow powered the arrow into the center of his chest below the neck as he was facing me. A loud roar and vertical jump composed of spots is all I remember until I found him a few minutes later just 36 yards away in the thickest jungle you can imagine. All 286 pounds of the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. Without a doubt the pinnacle of my bowhunting career has been with my Schafer bow for the past eight out of 15 years."

-Ken Grosslight

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Ken Grosslight with Jaguar

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Scott Smolen with Antelope

"One word best describes my Schafer Silvertips, "Shootablility" They are just a joy to shoot. Smooth, stable and quick. Dave definitely puts the word "custom" in custom bows. They are truly a work of art. That's why I've shot them exclusively for over 15 years. Currently I own 7 Silvertips."

-Scott Smolen

"I have had the pleasure of shooting and field testing Silvetip bows since 1983. They just keep getting better and better-fast, smooth shooting; quiet and reliable. They are everything you could want in a hunting bow and more."

-Matt Riley

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Matt Riley with Whitetail Deer

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Scott Koelzer with Moose

"Silvertips are the smoothest, fastest bows on the market. It is the only bow I hunt with because it instills confidence."

-Scott Koelzer

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