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The Silvertip Story

Paul Schafer with a Bighorn Sheep and Grizzly Bear from his 1978 British Columbia hunt.

The evolution of the Silvertip spanning five decades.

When rifle hunting lost its challenge for teenager Paul Schafer, his analytical nature led him to develop the Silvertip, named after his first Silvertip Grizzly taken back in 1974.  Paul started building bows in 1974 but it wasn’t until 1977 that he perfected his 60” one-piece design. Paul then recognized the changing trends and designed the Silvertip take-down. This was a bow designed with the same great performance and beauty of the one- piece but with the added convenience of the take-down knob style system. This design remains the favorite amongst bow hunters today. Though the  bow has gone through significant changes over the past 40 years, it has continually proven itself in field tests from the frozen tundra to the African and Sonoran deserts.  Silvertips have taken Alaskan Brown bears, Grizzlies, African lion, Cape buffalo, leopard,  jaguar, and practically all game animals in between.

Paul Schafer was one of the most ethical hunters to walk a forest path or mountain ridge.  He knew we have a responsibility to the game we hunt and the kill must be quick and clean.  A keen edged broadhead and arrow delivered from a powerful and highly refined bow like the Silvertip helps you, the hunter, uphold this ultimate responsibility. 

“Paul Schafer, considered by many to be the world’s greatest bowhunter and one of the finest bowyers of modern times, always had his shop open to youngsters. It was in Paul’s shop in 1987 I was given the opportunity to work off my first Schafer Silvertip Recurve. Upon completing my bow, Paul asked me to remain working with him, which I gladly did throughout my summers in high school. During those years, Paul mentored me as a father would coaching me in bowhunting, ethics and of course the art of bowbuilding. I feel fortunate to have had not only a working relationship with Paul but also a strong friendship that remains a driving force in my life today.

 I was just 22 years of age when I was given the opportunity to buy Paul's business and begin a life as a full time bowyer. This choice has not made me rich but has provided for my family in ways I can't express. It's now been 21 years since Paul left us and as I handle his tools, drag out his forms and fire up his old hand built machines, I am constantly reminded of the incredible man behind the Silvertip and how honored I am to be carrying on his legacy.

I build longbows and  recurves available in one-piece and take-down models. All are designed for speed, smoothness, stability, durability and beauty. They have quiet, forgiving designs, favorable in all hunting conditions. The Schafer Silvertip is a hunter’s bow .  Every bow leaves the shop with an eye for beauty, excellence and love of the hunt, in tribute to Paul and in commitment to you, the bowhunter.

Remember........this is the the bow you will eventually own so I will look forward to your call"!

-Dave Windauer


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