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Our literature has always stated "every bow leaves the shop with an eye for beauty, excellence and love of the hunt.". We should probably add something along the lines of "and a tribute to beautiful woods and natural materials that bless our surroundings."  Each of our bows that leave our shop are custom and unique to themselves. There are some options that stand out that we would consider truly "custom" in the sense that the materials and layout usually require some added input from our customer. Many of these options can be found on our price list and others may require Dave to work up an estimate based on time and materials he anticipates  for the project. We enjoy challenges and the opportunity to create a  truly one of a kind bow for our customers. Please share your ideas with us and we'll hope to accommodate.

Riser Lay-ups

The standard riser lay-up is the straight stripe. In addition to this, we offer three other lay-ups pictured below. These prices include the lay-up only. Additional wood costs would be figured separately.

Slight Radius- $100

Flare Option- $350

Wave Option- $350

Crescent Option- $350

Double Crescent Option- $550

Other Lay-ups- get quote

Riser Overlays

Wood- $120

Elk Antler or Smooth Sheep- $210

Rough Sheep- $240

Other Horn- Request quote ( customers often provide own material)

Limb Base Overlays

Shapes available are "S" shape,  chevron  and round. The overlay shape does not change the price but the material used does.  Pricing and photo examples are below.

Wood- $180

Elk Antler or Smooth Sheep- $280

Rough Sheep Horn- $380

Other Horn- Request Quote (customers often provide own material)

Hand Carving Detail

Dave does all his own custom checkering. In addition to the checkering he incorporates some beautiful hand carved detail that enhances the beauty like you would see on custom gun stocks. Again, these are all custom and usually require a quote.  We do have a couple basic patterns that are included on our price list. Please note that these options are "in addition" to the regular checkering option.

Leaf pattern around entire checkering- $400

Accent leaf pattern in just corners of the checkering- $250

Elk Antler/Deer Antler in grip- $250

All other carving or scrolling- Please call for quote

Inlay Work

We are occasionally asked to inlay medallions, compasses, arrowheads, scrimshaw art  and special trinkets the customer wishes to use  to personalize a bow. Most inlays will require a quote. Here are some ideas to consider.

Compass Inlay- $70 (we will provide compass)

Scrimshaw Inlay- $450 ( includes ivory medallion, artwork and inlay)

All other inlays shown require a quote.


Checkering of Non-Schafer bows

For years Dave has been asked to customize other bow manufacturers risers with his custom checkering. He is happy to do those projects and charges $180 plus shipping to do that.  Turnaround depends on his schedule but usually runs around 3-4 weeks. Please call ahead to be sure we are accepting these additional jobs at the present time.

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