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We require 50% down to order. Your order will be processed upon receipt of deposit at which time a confirmation will be e-mailed to you. Changes and additions can be made, however we ask that you make your final decisions no later than 2 months prior to the estimated delivery date. You will be notified usually a week or two prior to completion of your bow at which time we ask that you make final payment arrangements.  Your bow will be shipped when the balance has been paid in full.  Delivery varies depending on when you order.  We are presently running about 11 months on orders.  Please remember that this is only an estimate and we can run slightly ahead or behind this projection. We charge a $100.00 processing fee for canceled orders. If your bow is already in process at the time of cancellation or specific rare woods have already been purchased for your bow,  the cancellation fee is $250 plus cost of special materials. 


I stand behind my products and offer a 1 year full and   two year pro-rated warranty on materials and workmanship to the original owner.  I offer this with both the standard and FF models.  I will emphasize, however, that the standard Silvertip bow is not designed for use with FF strings.  Fast Flight strings have a very low elasticity, therefore, much of the stress remaining when the arrow leaves the string is passed to the limb tips, and limb shearing can occur.  All Silvertip  products are maximum performing bows functioning at a high level of stress and it is required  that the recommended bow stringer be used to string and unstring the bow.  It is very important that a person pays careful attention at all times while stringing any bow to see that the string is remaining in the center of the string groove. Bow damage may occur if stringing or unstringing is done improperly. Schafer products have had a tremendous track record spanning four decades and I encourage you to refer to the testimonial page to see what our customers have to say about experiences they have had with their Schafer products.

Please note that the Fast Flight models all have FF on both the riser and limbs.  Be aware of this if you run into used Schafer equipment and be sure to use the proper string material.

If you are considering purchasing a new bow or have acquired a used bow,  we can’t emphasize enough the importance of proper bow stringer use.  Be sure  you have read the instructions and feel comfortable with them before attempting to string your bow.


For a current price list please click on the link below. Please be sure to add 11% to the total of your bow order and include $45 for shipping. You are welcome to submit orders via e-mail, phone or by mail. Below is a general guide for information we will need to place an order.

2018 Price List

General Order Guide


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